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"My experience at Xcelerate was "Xcellent"! What I liked most was the amount of time and attention I received at each visit. Andrew listened to my concerns, addressed my specific needs and developed a treatment plan I could follow. When I started PT I was not able to run due to time off from a sacral stress fracture. I saw gains each week from stretching, massaging, and strengthening exercises. By the time I left PT I was able to do what I love, running. Thank you, Andrew and Xcelerate!"

Andi Lieberman (8/20/2018)

"This is my second time coming to see Brian and both times I left healthier and stronger. Brian and Andrew worked with me on every exercise and stretch to be sure that I was getting th emost out of my time here. If you ever have any sports related injury I highly recommend setting up a time to see Brian and his team."

Kevin Rafferty (8/10/2018)

"Before PT, my right hip was in some kind of pain 24/7. As a runner, I was struggling to get through my daily runs without being in really bad pain all day. Sitting and standing was even a struggle. Now, that daily pain that I experienced every day is gone. I am able to run now without having to endure pain for the rest of the day. The exercises and stretches that I learned have made me so much stronger, and I feel more confident during exercise than I did before. I have learned that it is okay not to run every single day, and my body needs that time to heal and recuperate. Andrew was fantastic with everything and I thoroughly enjoyed coming to PT every time."

Katelyn Markley (8/2/2018)

"I had a tremendously positive experience at Xcelerate PT. When I began PT, I was still in a considerable amount of pain, had a very bad limp and terrible range of motion. Basically, it was difficult and painful to walk. After only a few weeks with Andrew I have full range of motion, I'm pain-free and back to running my usual 5 miles a day. I couldn't be happier with the physical therapy I received. Some days were certainly more physically demanding than others, but it was all beneficial. I was equally impressed not only with the physical exercises and regiment laid out for me, but how much I learned about my own body and its likes and dislikes with regard to injury, recovery, and therapy. I plan to also tell my surgeon Dr. David Rubenstein what an incredible experience I had with Xcelerate. All I was hoping for was for you to meet my expectations and you clearly exceeded them. Thank you so much for the time and effort you devoted to my physical therapy. Brian your business is awesome. Training room is always spotless and super clean, service from Andria at the front desk is truly great and Andrew is a dynamite Physical Therapist. On Google, I would totally give you a 5 out of 5 stars!!!"

Robert May (7/31/2018)

"After undergoing shoulder and neck surgery I was lucky to be told to do my rehab at Xcelerate Physical Therapy. I was told before surgery it might be 8 months before I could golf again. I only took 4 months and I'm doing activity I want to including golf. Scheduling my appointments was easy and everybody at Xcelerate were extremely friendly."

Albert Balukas (7/2/2018)

"It has been great and has helped tremendously. With my degenerative disc disease, I was experiencing a lot of pain and musles were tight. The work with Brian made my daily living much more tolerable, not to mention taking a grueling trip to Antarctica. Andrew has taught me ways to modify activities that involve my shoulder and has given me exercises to maintain shoulder strength. Pre-PT I was doing things that are a no-no (and paying the price). Now I am more aware and my shoulder is doing quite well. Pre-PT with Brian... couldn't walk more than 1/4 mile. Now I am up to 1-1/2 to 2 miles. I am still doing the exercises he gave me. Thank you very much!"

Jean Bay (6/12/2018)

"When I first came to PT I came on a scooter and could not walk. I started on 4/16/2018 and as of today (5/31/18) I am able to go to spinning classesand have my life back together. I believe if it wasn't for Xcelerate, I would not have made the progress. Andrew really knows his stuff. Thanks!!"

Suzanne Zampino (5/31/2018)

"I drive at least 2 hours per day. When I started PT, I had 6-7 level of pain and discomfort. After about a month of PT, my drive is pretty much painfree."

Mike Foster (5/24/2018)

"When I arrived, I was having trouble sleeping, drinking a cup of coffee, and using a hair brush. With therapy, I am now able to do all of those activities with zero pain. Both Brian and Andrew were caring and fun. I enjoyed the treatments and my experience with Xcelerate has been very positive. They are dedicated healers!"

Gary Huddell (5/10/2018)

“This is my second time using Xcelerate Physical Therapy. The first time was for relief from a neck injury. The second time is for a shoulder problem. Brian is an excellent physical therapist. He’s patient, has empathy for your situation and gets positive results. My neck is doing great and I am able to exercise again. My shoulder has relief of pain after the first visit. My shoulder feels so much better and I able to sleep and go through my day pain free. I would recommend Brian and Xcelerate Physical Therapy to anyone who wants an exceptional physical therapist. He is the best. Thank you.”

“I came to Brian after 3 knee surgeries and a major lack of physical activity in my life. He has truly helped me not only get my knees back in shape, but he has given me the motivation to lose 35 pounds and get back to living my life. And he makes my sessions entertaining and fun. I strongly recommend Brian for any and all physical therapy needs. Thank you Brian!"