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  • I came to Brian after 3 knee surgeries and a major lack of physical activity in my life. He has truly helped me not only get my knees back in shape, but he has given me the motivation to lose 35 pounds and get back to living my life.


  • When I arrived, I was having trouble sleeping, drinking a cup of coffee, and using a hair brush. With therapy, I am now able to do all of those activities with zero pain


  • I am able to go to spinning classesand have my life back together. I believe if it wasn't for Xcelerate, I would not have made the progress.


  • I was lucky to be told to do my rehab at Xcelerate Physical Therapy. I was told before surgery it might be 8 months before I could golf again. I only took 4 months and I'm doing activity I want to including golf.


  • Before PT, my right hip was in some kind of pain 24/7. As a runner, I was struggling to get through my daily runs without being in really bad pain all day. Sitting and standing was even a struggle.


  • My experience at Xcelerate was "Xcellent"! What I liked most was the amount of time and attention I received at each visit. Andrew listened to my concerns, addressed my specific needs and developed a treatment plan I could follow


Welcome to Xcelerate Physical Therapy

Xcelerate Physical Therapy located in Newtown Square, PA, is an outpatient physical therapy clinic that specializes in orthopedics, sports medicine, and pre/ post surgical rehabilitation.

Our number one priority is the patient. Our physical therapists strive to provide individualized treatment with hands-on, compassionate care. We do not rush our patients or our clinicians. Rather, we perform comprehensive evaluations and encourage patient input for treatment planning and goal setting.

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At Xcelerate Physical Therapy our philosophy is to provide the highest quality physical therapy through personalized care and education. We support creative and individualized intervention. Our personalized approach ensures patient comprehension and will enhance proper treatment progression to secure the best possible outcome for our patients.

In order for a full return to an active and healthy lifestyle, we keep our patients involved and educated in the recovery process. We love bringing the people of Newtown Square back to their full potential.

Our physical therapy clinic accepts most insurance plans including Medicare.

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We're Involved in Our Community

We are involved in Local School Events, Sports, as well as fundraisers for Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation through our team Brian's Pride Clare's Bears

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